Jean Cummings, Certified Professional Resume Writer and Personal Branding Strategist

“Jean Cummings' expertise in resume writing and career marketing is second to none. A gifted "intuitive," Jean can magically capture the essence of your most marketable career value ... and an exceptional writer, she converts your career value into a meaningful and memorable message that will give you the career mobility and mastery you desire.”  Susan Whitcomb, President, The Academies

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What You Need to Know About Our Business:

MEETING THE UNIQUE CHALLENGES OF IT EXECUTIVE RESUMES: I create executive resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles specifically designed for IT executives. Techology executives have more complex resumes to write and differ significantly from resumes for finance or operations leaders, for example. Knowing how to write executive resumes isn't enough.  I know what employers are looking for in their IT leaders and how to design a resume that will have the keywords, core skills, experiences, and authentic personal brand that will get recruiters to contact you.

STRATEGY: I take a strategic approach to writing resumes and understand that many clients have more than one type of job target and/or issue to neutralize. Those issues may be current unemployment, a long tenure at one company, short job stints, lack of a B.S. degree, or a need to refocus their career.  I do not leave you stranded with this complexity. You will have the resume and/or resumes you need, and I won't nickel and dime you for them.

NOT MORE THAN YOU NEED: I am practical. You've probably noticed I mention executive resumes and LinkedIn profiles a lot. That's because you NEED those. (Along with an ROI cover letter that I also provide.) I will not try to sell you things that might be good to have but that you don't need. Yes I write bios and other marketing communications and provide coaching, but, when money is tight, I respect your wallet and commit to giving you exactly what you truly need.

TECHNOLOGY AND YOUR RESUME: I understand how technology has changed the job search. I will not sell you three different formats of resumes: ASCII, PDF, and Word. You need and should have only one format (file extenstion) , with each resume tailored to the speciic job. I am an expert in ATS - Applicant Tracking Systems - that will process your resume in more than 90% of cases. This expertise is ESSENTIAL in creating a resume with the keywords and formatting that will enable it to be retrieved in a search so it can be viewed by human eyes.

JOB SEARCH BEST PRACTICES FOR 2014-2015: When we're done, I make available the best advice out there. My eGuides will lay out, quickly and simply, best practices in job search, including Linkedin and online identity optimization. You will be equipped with the exact content (resumes, cover letters, and Linkedin profiles) and advice that will help you get a great IT exective job.

YOU RAISED TO THE NEXT LEVEL: When we're done, you will know what differentiates you and constitutes your personal brand. You will be empowered by the process. You will have your success stories that will be invaluable in interviewing. Your career both near-term and long-term will be strengthened.

Personal Statement

"My passion is to create a living, breathing executive resume for my IT executive clients that will capture recruiter attention and interviews. I write executive resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other communications driven by  my client's unique and awesome personal brand. I ensure that this content is specifically geared to the IT exective employment market. I also coach my clients in current best practices. I help them interview brilliantly and negotiate a high salary based on the value proposition we have developed together. Throughout my career I have found joy in helping individuals open up to their greatest possibilities through a recognizing, honoring, and articulating their one-of-a-kind constellation of attributes, abilities, and values."

Executive Biography

Jean Cummings is a career consultant who specializes in helping IT executives land their next great job.

She is passionate about helping each client get a great job fast on the strength of their authentic personal brand. She is known for her ability to distill complex careers into high-impact branded executive resumes, LinkedIn profiles, ROI cover letters, and other branding documents. Her job search and interview training offerings give clients the tools they need to attract and negotiate job offers.

Jean is known for bringing intelligence, creativity, and a strategic mindset to her IT clients' complex situations. Her particular expertise lies in understanding the career paths of actual and aspiring IT executives and what their employers want to see in their resumes and backgrounds.

She is an award-winning Certified Professional Resume Writer, Certified Employment Interview Professional, and Certified Personal Branding Strategist. She is also certified in Online Identity Management and in the analysis of the Reach 360 Assessment instrument. 

Jean is the author of "Turbocharged Networking for $100K+ Jobs - 5 Steps to Job Search Success" published by Happy About Publishers.

Jean holds a Master’s degree from Harvard University and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Mt. Holyoke College with a Bachelor’s degree. After her education, Jean was employed as a teacher and tutor of moderate special needs children. For the past 21 years, she has owned and operated her company, A Resume For Today. Her business is based out of Concord, Massachusetts, home of great innovators and thought leaders. Her clientele is global.

Jean Cummings, M.A.T., CPRW, CEIP, CPBS


  • 20 Year record of 99.9+% client satisfaction

  • Master's degree, Harvard University / B.A., Mt. Holyoke College / Phi Beta Kappa

  • Personal Branding Strategist & Resume Consultant

  • Published Author: Turbocharged Networking for $100K+ Jobs

  • REACH Certified Personal Branding Strategist

  • Winner, Best International Resume Award - PARW-CC

  • Certified Professional Resume Writer & Certified Employment Interview Professional 

  • Resumes published in 15 nationally distributed books that demonstrate best practices in resume writing 

  • REACH Online Identity Management Certification

  • Member blogger at and

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