Branded Executive Resumes

Don't know how executive resumes are written these days? 

Executive resume writing is an art form and a linguistic discipline. It's about making the abstract concrete. It's marrying concepts to the right words in the right format to get the job done. So don't feel as though executive resume writing is something you're supposed to be able to do. It's a specialty, just as your job is.

It's a good idea to trust in an expert who is doubly certified in personal branding and resume writing. Someone who "gets" what you're all about and translates it along with your career into a marketable employment brand.

And do you know what the huge bonus is? At the completion of the branded executive resume writing process, you can take your resume on the road.

Use it to create a powerful email introduction. A short biography. Use a piece to create your one-sentence statement on profile like Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking sites. Use your resume profile as the executive summary on Zoominfo. Break it apart and use the content on several pages of your new webblog or website.  Use the tagline we give you to construct your elevator intro. Use it as a blueprint in the interview - a ready-made source of the examples you give of your successes and the key value messages that will get you offers. And let it speak for you when negotiating salary by demonstrating the monetary value you've contributed to your current and past employers. 

Finally, your branded executive resume is a foundation on which to built the next decade or more of your working life. Evolve it, grow it, adapt it to new needs, and have its framework guide what you will include for years to come.

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