Executive Biography Writing

Executive biography. Sometimes this is the best stand-alone document to give to a networking contact, post on your blogsite, portfolio, or website, or distribute to the media. We love how personal branding informs the writing of the executive bio. In fact, it could be more accurately described as a brand bio.

The new executive bio goes well beyond a dry sequential listing of positions. The fact that we have been through a personal branding process enables us to breathe life into the old-fashioned bio. The new executive bio at its best can communicate the common thread that ties your career together and can trace your path as one with its own inner logic. 

The executive biography can integrate the different elements of your personal brand - your unique promise of value, your attributes, your competitive advantages - and blend them in with your career history. 

The most elegant of career documents, the executive bio is you with a tux on (or a formal as the case may be).

Contact Ty at info@AResumeforToday.com to talk about how an executive bio might enhance your professional presentation.

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