Interview Coaching

Interview coaching. Almost everybody says they've been on a lot of interviews and know what to say. If you say that and you are getting offers, then you are right. 

But if you aren't closing the deal, you need to know how to do that.

It's amazing the difference even one interview coaching session can make. One client this Spring came to us not because she wanted a new resume. She was getting interviews (despite her lack of a strong branded executive resume) just on the basis of her previous titles. But after a year of getting down to the last two candidates and never being selected, she decided she needed help.

What we did first is work together to articulate her personal brand - her unique promise of value. Then we worked on how to demonstrate to interviewers using examples from her career how she could deliver the same kind of value to their organization. Within the month, she landed her "dream" job with more stature, higher salary, and greater responsibility.

It's hard to put a value on that. Two hours of interview coaching and she was able to catapult her career to a whole new level and earn many thousands of dollars more. And, perhaps most importantly, she will have the inner satisfaction of being able to exercise her gifts fully in a world-class institution.

So if you're sometimes confused about whether an interview went well and if you aren't getting, our interview coaching offering is very often a fast fix and worth your while.

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