Online Identity Management

Online identity management. Who ever heard about it before? Sure, companies do it. But now it has become mainstream for professionals, managers, and executives.

It is no more than online reputation management. The important thing to know is...

You control it or it will control you! 

With the majority of hiring managers and recruiters googling candidates names before they meet with them, nothing must be left to chance. Don't let yourself be passively defined by whatever scraps Google finds out there on the Web.

Instead, take your person brand and disseminate it widely! 

There are many ways to do this. We are part of an advance team certified in Online Identity Management. We know the ins and outs of how to become digitally distinct, deal with digital dirt, and populate Google results with positive on-brand content about you.

Contact Ty at and use a free online identity calculator to assess your current online ID. Then we'll have a free career and online identity audit to help you plan what you need to do now to become digitally distinct and on-brand online.

What do you want people to see/know about you? We can help make it happen.

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