VP of Applicant Development / Vice President of Software Engineering

If you hold or aspire to hold the top job in application development in a large global organization you have to demonstrate at least five things in your resume:

  1. You are able to manage large, distributed global teams that often include a significant contingent of offshore developers.

  2. You have a firm grasp of the strategic business goals of the organization to guide overall product planning, regardless of whether you are developing solutions for internal or external customers.

  3. Your are adept at managing complex multi-module application development life cycles co-occurring  at different rates while also controlling costs and schedule.

  4. You deliver applications that are relatively bug-free, meet user specifications, and integrate well with existing technologies.

  5. The applications you deliver meet stated objectives that might include reducing costs, providing additional revenue, improving processes, streamlining operations, enhancing security etc.

As the VP of Application Development or Software Development in a startup or smaller company, you may not have to demonstrate global experience. What you will have to convey is your mastery of lean-agile workflow and agile methodologies like Scrum. You will be much closer to the project managers and/or developers. So your hands-on technical expertise may need to be focused in the exact technologies the company is developing.

For more information on how to create a killer executive resume, see this checklist of 15 resume writing best practices. Make sure your resume meets these criteria to have a good chance at getting interviews.


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