Branded Executive Resumes

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Executive Resume Checklist

Be sure your resume meets all these criteria so that you can stand out in a competitive field of applicants.

Your career brand and your value proposition

1. The reader can grasp a "reason to hire you" inside of 3 seconds.

2. The recruiter or hiring authority can get a sense of your career brand, that is, what makes you YOU professionally and distinguishes your from the competition.

3. The recruiter or hiring authority can find out precisely what your value proposition is - of supreme importance to the company.

4. Any other credentials such as certifications, multiple languages, global experience, big awards etc. should be mentioned here.

5. You use a headline rather than a career objective unless you are targeting a significantly different career.

6. You customize your resume to the position you are targeting.

7. You match your career brand and value proposition to the needs of the organization you are sending your resume to.

8. You include any really unusual and impressive outside activities, community contributions, or non-work-related skills, because perceived performance excellence in one area transfers to the work arena.

Proving your value proposition

9. Your accomplishments are expressed, as much as possible, in quantifiable terms in the body of the resume.

10. Your accomplishments are presented in context, so their proper significance can be understood.

11. Your 5 to 7 chief accomplishments over the last decade stand out visually, with the sub-accomplishments under each of them.

Get the formatting right

12. Your resume can be read easily across media, including on paper, on a laptop or desktop, on a tablet device, and on a smart phone.

13. Your resume uses the appropriate keywords for your function and your industry...and the obscure and rarer keywords customized to the position you are targeting.

14. You use common headings for the resume sections so that applicant tracking software will correctly read what's under them.

15. You have different versions of your resume for electronic and for human processing.

If all this is daunting, you may want to turn to a certified professional resume writer for help. I love taking a complex career and distilling it to its essence. As an award-winning executive resume writer, I know how to work with you to extract your personal brand, express it in a powerful resume, position you correctly for your goal, and meet all the requirements above.

I take care of the branding, the marketing, the keywords, the positioning, the contextualized and quantified accomplishments, and getting your unique message across in 3 seconds. So you don't have to worry about any of it!

Executive resume writing is an art form and a linguistic discipline. It's about making the abstract concrete. It's marrying concepts to the right words in the right format to get the job done. So don't feel as though executive resume writing is something you're supposed to be able to do. It's a specialty, just as your job is.

It's a good idea to trust in an expert who is doubly certified in personal branding and resume writing. Someone who "gets" what you're all about and translates it along with your career into a marketable employment brand.

And do you know what the huge bonus is? At the completion of the branded executive resume writing process, you can take your resume on the road.

Turn it into a LinkedIn profile that will be passively job searching for you 24/7. Break out of it your one-sentence profile for Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking sites. Use your resume profile as the executive summary on Zoominfo. Break it apart and use the content on several pages of your new webblog or website. Use it on Use the tagline we give you to construct your elevator intro. Use it as a blueprint in the interview - a ready-made source of the examples you give of your successes and the key value messages that will get you offers. And let it speak for you when negotiating salary by demonstrating the monetary value you've contributed to your current and past employers. 

Finally, your branded executive resume is a foundation on which to built the next decade or more of your working life. Evolve it, grow it, adapt it to new needs, and have its framework guide what you will include for years to come.

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