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All of these resume examples are coming down today (4/17/15)! ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) used by the vast majority of companies means that you need to be using ATS friendly resume formats and pay very close attention to keywords in specific ads. (I've written a lot about this in my blog).

Even if you are only using your resume to send or hand to a networking contact, if it makes its way to a hiring manager or an HR dept. it will likely be processed by ATS. So, here are a couple of technology executive resume examples to guide you in creating your own ATS friendly resumes. Follow this type of format to ensure that whole sections of your resume won't drop out!

As before, the following sample executive resumes are more than resume examples — they are keyword-rich personal branding statements that give our clients an edge over the competition. The identifying details are fictionalized and corporation information changed or deleted to protect the confidentiality of our clients. On some of the samples, only the first page of the resume is displayed.

I have included a sample ROI cover letter also to guide your creation of a high-impact, short-version cover letter that respects the needs of today's time-challenged recruiter!

Note: I am in the process of fictionalizing new ATS resumes. Stay tuned! Jean





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