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Are you experiencing confusion and frustration in this new world of job search? We can help put you back in the driver's seat! Here's how...


* Executive Resumes

Development of the branded executive resume is our #1 priority. This is because our clients tell us that they land the job they want surprisingly fast because of their resume.  We know how capture the magic in our client's personal brand and then build it into an executive resume that speaks to the specific needs of a hiring executive, gets the message across in three seconds (forget 20), and can be easily scanned on a smart phone. Our technology executive resumes get hiring authorities to pick up the phone and call you.

* Personal Branding

To develop an executive resume with this kind of power, we first take our clients through either an in-depth or fast-tracked personal branding process. Then we are able to write executive resumes that distinguish our clients from their competition, and that communicate their "unique promise of value."    

* Cover Letters

Although many of our clients have only needed their branded executive resume to get the job they want, we know that 50% of hiring managers want to see a cover letter. And we love the cover letter as a complement to our branded executive resume!  It allows a more intimate, human, and persuasive approach. And we are able to be immensely convincing and also express the personality of our client. Our ROI cover letters are a fast read: short, pithy, to the point. They make hiring authorities want to know more.    

* Profiles for LinkedIn and Other Networking Sites

With up to 80% of hiring managers and recruiters Googling applicants' names, you can't afford to not have a strong, valuable online presence and brand. LinkedIn is the premier business networking site. We write profiles for our clients that give "reasons to hire" and that use keywords skillfully to attract search engine attention.

* Online Identity Management

If you Google your name and don't find yourself in several entries in the first 3 pages of search results, you need to be concerned. It's important to be found. Salaries of executives are higher if they have a good online reputation. Job candidates who have good search engine results have an edge over someone who can't be found in multiple ways, who may have digital dirt attached to their name, or who shares a name with someone unsavory.  Because just about everyone's online ID can be enhanced, we offer a full range of services to do just that. We know how to give you some control what comes up about you in a search, achieve top ranking, and present a more in-depth picture of you. Ask for full details about our comprehensive program to give you digital distinction online!

* Direct Mail Campaigns

We offer this service along with other job search support to our clients. A direct mail campaign to the companies in your target market can be surprisingly effective at turning up the unpublished jobs. Unpublished jobs make up 80% of the jobs available at any one time!

* Job Search Coaching

We offer a comprehensive program to help you use the most effective strategies and tactics to get your next job. Job search is a sophisticated business now, with social networking assuming a more prominent role and finding the unpublished jobs before they hit the job boards being a priority. We make it simple. Includes a turnkey program, coaching support, and Jean Cummings' recently published ebook "Turbocharged Networking for $100K+ Jobs - 5 Steps to Job Search Success."

* Interview Coaching

This is an amazing service. It can make the difference between getting the offer and not. With your branded executive resume in hand, you have all the messages you need to close the deal. Even one session is often enough we find to get you ready to ace the interview! 

* Salary Negotiation Coaching

Just a little bit of coaching can earn you thousands of dollars in extra compensation. Your branded executive resume - because it very deliberately and directly conveys your "value" - serves as the basis for your claim to be rewarded at a higher salary level.
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