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5 Tips for Making Your Job Search Resolutions Come True

Posted by Tyrone Norwood

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Jan 3, 2011 10:33:00 AM

describe the imageJanuary 2, 2011, Monday, and we're face-to-face with it: Will we be able to do what we weren't able to do in 2010? What will make us any more likely to succeed than we were before? If will power didn't work before, why would it work now?

New research sheds some light on ways to build the habits that have eluded us in the past. A Wall Street Journal article on the subject suggests 5 ways to boost our likelihood of success. If you're a job seeker, here are tips adapted for you:

1. Establish positive thought patterns associated with your goal: i.e., "I will feel so capable, confident, and relieved to get the job offer I want." Might include making a "vision board" to visually represent what success would look and feel like.

2. Associate negative thought patterns with doing nothing: "I'll feel blue, discouraged, hopeless and as though I am not great at what I do for a living if I don't diligently go about job search in the most intelligent way."

3. Get an accountability partner - someone you can talk to who will hold you to your task commitments.

4. Reward yourself for successes small and large - whatever works for you: a ski trip, dinner out, new clothes, 10 iPhone music downloads etc.

5. Break down the total job search process into discreet, quantifiable tasks.***

*** For job seekers, this may mean practicing the critical habits that make success most likely, including such activities as:

* Make a certain # of networking calls daily

* Set up a target number of lunch appointments with contacts each week

* Go to ?# networking meetings per month

* Tweet 3 times daily to build your social media presence

* Blog ?# weekly to establish thought leadership

* Spend ?# minutes daily working your social networks for contacts and leads

* Execute a direct mail campaign to ?# of hiring authorities in your target companies

* Develop your personal brand and express it in all your materials (within ?# weeks)

* Work on your success stories until you have ?#

* Devote ?# minutes a week to practicing your elevator pitch

It IS possible to succeed where you haven't before. Try the 5 tips above and see your resolutions lead to new success. Happy New Year to all!

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